“The most common concern I hear in regards to improving one’s diet is the cost of healthy food.

That’s why I created a dietary and lifestyle program that costs no more than what an individual would receive in monthly food stamps. Unconventional, accessible, and wildly successful!”

-Rachel Bolden-Kramer


Flamin’ Hot Kale Chips!

My Food Stamps Cookbook is an interactive teaching tool based on the forthcoming publication of the same name.  While a number of celebrities have begun to explore the experience of eating on a limited budget, we at Hip Dhamma have years of experience promoting extraordinary health and lifestyle practices that fall within the $200 monthly budget.

Bring My Food Stamps Cookbook to your school, home, or organization.  We offer:

  • Culinary classes for youth and adults, emphasizing the healthy food resources in our communities.  Read about our youth-friendly lessons.
  • Presentations for groups and organizations.  We are proud to be a featured element of NYCHA‘s Healthy Homes Initiative.
  • Individual coaching.  Learn how to re-ignite your health through techniques that won’t blow your entire budget at one trip to Whole Food(Stamps).  Read our free preview here.
  • Read about Hip Dhamma Inc’s president, Rachel Bolden-Kramer, and how she used food stamps to heal.
  • Recipes!

clove orange

Orange clove air freshener: non-toxic food-based household products, easy to make and EBT eligible.

Ready to make the commitment to feeling better, healing your community, and saving money?  Book your free intro session.

(While the book is not currently available, chapters of it are provided with all workshops, sessions, and presentations.  Plus, we post recipes on the blog!)


By minimizing excess toxins and superfluous “foods” that are frequently found in our supermarkets as a result of profit-driven marketing and mis-placed government subsidies, we promote local produce and eco-friendly food cultivation practices that are the key to healing our bodies, our minds, and our Earth.

By changing our eating practices, we decrease our dependence on petroleum, our carbon emissions, and the destruction of our natural resources. This leads to better quality of life for all inhabitants of our planet, and greatly reduces our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Our eating system is plant-based, animal friendly, and compassionate.

Principles of Healing

Creating their own power smoothie recipe!

Creating their own power smoothie recipe!

We believe that widespread eating habits and food practices have been marketed to us by a culture that prioritizes profits over the fundamental wellness of people, communities, and the planet.

As a result, the contents and delivery of our meals are frequently unhelpful and even harmful to our bodies. Over time, this creates systemic dysfunction within the body and metabolic system. Dis-ease can manifest as minor discomforts (headaches, fatigue, colds/flu, allergies, pain); as chronic conditions (diabesity, IBS, cancer, PMS, infertility); and even as disruptions in our mental and spiritual health (depression, anxiety, addiction, violence).

We believe that many of the habits and cravings we experience can also be considered addictions because they unconsciously drive our harmful consumption and behavioral practices.

Our approach to healing is to eliminate systemic dysfunction by gently loosening the grips of food indoctrination, and introducing the body to an ongoing experience of exposure to high quality nutrients. This is done while supporting the organ systems in their ability to absorb and utilize nutrients optimally. Once this is possible, our likelihood of developing dis-ease is dramatically reduced, and we are able to heal in ways we may have thought impossible.