10 Ways to Atone for Yesterday’s Food Sins

Aug 12, 2013
99 cents? How can you resist?

99 cents? How can you resist?

It was a party, I was nervous, just this once, I need love, this whole bag is just 99 cents!  All excuses I made yesterday when I went for the Utz, no salad prep, following fullty glutened pasta and chick peas.  At least it’s not a burger, right?  Wrong.  Even these “vegan” foods were a nightmare in my healthy digestive system.  Why?  Without first prepping the system with a water-rich alkaline salad, the dense starches and proteins combined to make rock-like gassy masses in my gut. Gross.  Plus the relapse to my friend potato addiction clearly represented some unworked emotional places, and what the hell does cooked cottonseed oil do in the human body?  Nothing good.

Well, no need to dwell in the past.  Today is the first day of the rest of my healthy life.  Here’s how to come back from a day or night of food/drink/name your poison abuse.

Morning After.  Take or leave any of these steps, but follow the order.

  1. Brush teeth, hydrate.  The body detoxes through the mouth, so rinse all that ish out BEFORE taking your first water.  Drink room temperature or warm filtered water, 24-32oz, as much as you can comfortably.  Some people like a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Cleanser.  At least 20 minutes after water, have 1 tablespoon raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in 8 oz warm water. Wait 30-60 minutes before next step.
  3. Aloe.  Have 4 oz aloe juice.  Wait 30-60 minutes before next step.
  4. Ginger.  Press a few inches of ginger root through your juicer and follow with hot water to make a ginger tea.  Add a squeeze of lime and honey if you’d like.  Some have added garlic to this, though that can give a strong taste and leave a lasting impression on your juicer.
  5. Green juice.  Have a liter pressed at home or at a juice bar.  Include a leafy green (spinach, kale), water rich hydrating cucumber, apples for taste, beets for cleaning the organs, and ginger, especially if skipping the ginger tea step.  Wait 60 minutes until next step.
  6. Fruit meal.  I recommend some nice laxative quality fruits like melons and papaya…. Wait 60-120 minutes until next step.
  7. Big friggin salad,  Have lots of cabbage, avocado, and your fave raw veggies, but keep it free of croutons, grains, dairy dressings, cheese, meat, and beans.
  8. Simple cooked veggies.  Steam them or lightly sauté them.  The best thing for healing the past day of eating is to not repeat it, so consider this a “fast” and refrain from having fried foods, grains, flours, beans, animal proteins, and soy vegan foods.
  9. Drink at least another liter of water throughout the day, preferably two!
  10. Repeat the next day until feeling of wellbeing returns… or forever, cause this is a pretty nice regimen to live on.

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to spend some time in meditation and quiet contemplation in regards to the memories and emotional comforts that either called for the binge, or were soothed by it.  There’s just no end to the wisdom and lessons behind a relapse followed by a moment of awakening.

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